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Nice! Arwen is looking pretty great. The design of the clockwork leg is pretty inventive, the belt is real neat, and the simple color scheme works well. The parts that need to stand out, stand out. Her face is also nice, simple but expressive. I’m not a huge fan of arbitrary asymmetry in designs, but it works in this case because she’s an adventurer. Some very small things I noticed: Maybe slightly change the color of the gun, so it stands out from her coat more? Right now it sort of blends in. Are those armored hems supposed to be part of her coat or a separate piece? Where are the straps of her goggles?

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I understand what you mean about those three things:

1. I noticed the gun problem during the creation process, but I answered it with a question: what color would such a gun be in real life? The answer seemed still to be dark brownish gunmetal, so I stuck with it. Everything else I looked at was too loud, bright, or dark. Besides, the gun is more of a backup article in the portrait since Arwen is more of a scout than a straight-up, guns-blazing fighter.

2. The hems were originally intended to be part of the coat, yes (along with the back of the coat). They don’t really connect in the “final product” but they look good so I let them be.

3. The goggle straps are covered by her hair. (I know that’s a lazy solution but I couldn’t find a better way.)

I appreciate the critique, I’m always trying to improve 🙂

Big juggernaut/frankenstein dude coming next.