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Left to right: Gentleman Thief, Kurahl, Bones, Shroud, and Sandstorm.

These men are all part of a big convoluted series that is very hard to explain. Summary is that time is always changing with them, and they are the “alpha” timeline.


Gentleman Thief-Fiction: He is very calm, and collected. Always looking for something more to do, and will look for other ways to get something done.

Skills: hand-to-hand fighter, and marksman. Uses a pistol, and twin hooks that are attached to a grapnel like system.

Kurahl-Fantasy: Another calm man. He would prefer to use diplomacy than violence, but that doesn’t always happen. He is a scholar, king and the only mage that uses a sword. He is always willing to learn, either from his companions, or the other men with him.

Skills: Swordsman, and mage. Spells most used are of water, earth, and mixed. Knows all known languages. Uses his sword, staff, and spells

Bones-Fantasy: He is a protector of the realm of man, and will use his abilities to fight angels, and demons, while also giving orders to the other guardians. He is the only guardian to fall in love with another guardian during his life.

Skills: Uses his gauntlet of darkness to aid in battle, and is skilled in all fighting styles that previous guardians of darkness knew. Uses his gauntlet of darkness, and sword

Shroud: Wielding the mask of darkness, he is capable of incredible feats.

Skills: superhuman strength, and speed. No known being has been able to defeat him, and is connected to the the mask of darkness. Uses his shadow powers granted to him by the mask of darkness

Sandstorm: A loner, always wanting to do things by himself, and never wishes to rely much on comrades. His reasoning is because there is too much responsibility in working with others, and doesn’t want the knowledge of them being hurt to be on his mind.

Skills: Master of hand-to-hand, and excellent marksman. He uses his sword, pistol, and earth ability in combat, and travel.

I’ll give a more in depth look into theses characters, and may build their story on here, though that is still being thought about. There will definitely be more characters to come from this series. Within this series, there are 12 characters, with whom I will work on, and figure out how to make them here. These 5 are characters that I was dinking with the loading character setting, and managed to get these ones together. I hope that you enjoy them, and like I said, there are more to come.

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