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Our house closed on June 17th

We were originally supposed to have 12 days to move out, but they gave us TWO!

We were out the next day on the 18th

HOWEEVER we had to leave for Sherman to get the keys so the movers could move our stuff in/ So we had to let the movers load by themselves

It took then a long time, and they didn’t get everything on the list, forgetting the microwave, dining table and, computer desk, wheelchair, shower, chair, oxygen tank etc ..

AND instead of $600 as quoted charged us $4,300.


We have been sleeping at our friend John’s cause the apartment was wall to wall boxes for the most part.


Nephews and great nephews have been helping us unpack and move stuff around.


The car was in the shop for the transmission, which cost $1000+


then the AC still didn’t work properly, so had to put it back in,

then John’s car was flakey so he couldn’t cart us, so Bre and I rented a car. It was so kewl I was wearing my new Capt America tee and riding around in a 2014 Avenger LOL 😀


the new Dialysis clinic doesn’t like to take off more than 5kilos in a treatment, at my old Fort Worth clinic they would let me do 8kilos. so the first couple of weeks at the new place I kept leaving over and over and over, and finally was up to 13kilos over, which really had me worried. But they let me do an extra on Wed. So I was able to get it all off. finally


At Dialysis they  had Fun Week, Tuesday was  Nerd Day. I got some black fake glasses, wore a checked button up over a white tee, had a handful of Sharpies in my pocket, wore John’s slacks and black belt, rolled up the cuffs, white socks and black shoes.

But one I was up there I noticed I looked like all the other old guys.

I had to go in for an extra treatment so was there Wed as well, which was Super Hero day, and I wore my new Capt America shirt, which is a thin streatchy fabric, that is clingy but not tight, and the fake abs looked good on me LOL

Thursday I didn’t have any Crazy Socks.

Saturday I wore a Texas flag tee, still looking a bit like Capt, with some US flag shorts.

and got a message board for the kitchen  for participating all week!!! WOOT!

June 26!


I was so happy, I literally wept.

In our Haunted game MoonAerie Entertainment CEO Adam Peak proposed to Dominic Caeser Masters. They got married on June 28, and honeymooned  at Niagara Falls.


Happy 4th everyone!
We have moved to Sherman Texas, but we’re not all unpacked yet.
We are sleeping at our friend John’s.
He has my computer up and running at his house now.
today was a dialysis day, but I went in on 1st shift so I could spend more time with Brenda, cause today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary.
After dialysis we ate at Olive Garden.
Then we went to John’s and took insulin after all that pasta and cheesecake then a nap. LOL 😀
just took it easy and rested this evening.
So lots to celebrate!!!!


Got the car back, the AC is fixed, and since we got the car repair insurance it only cost us $100 or so including the week car rental.


July 12th,

I made some major headway in my room, unpacking boxes, putting up dvds, found Bre’s computer tower.


Was able to post some background work to the contest. so I”m happy.

Want to do some more,

but my computer is still on a end table at john’s so not sure how much will get done, and have dialysis in the morning.