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Thanks Lull, good to have you back.

Anyway, unless I’m very much mistaken, this post is my 3000 on the forums. That’s a lot. And considering I did something for both 1000 and 2000 posts, I’m gonna do the same again, counting down my favourite arts from my last thousand posts. Let us know which is you fave and thanks for all the comments and critiques guys, here’s to the next thousand.

10. Kurayami

Costume wise, this was a blast and a pain at the same time. It looks simple yeah, but those zips were awkward, especially on the hood. Design wise, he was based off of Mega Banette, because why not? It was an excuse to do a costume that I’ve not seem anyone else do anything like, and it turned out great I.M.O.

9. Sempi Turner (Heartcore Version)

Now, this character is quite close to my heart so I could have picked either version to go with, but I ended up picking the newer version, simply because it looks better. The costume, again, was really fun to do. It took a hell of a lot of masking to get it to fit the female body, but it looks good, actually it looks better on the female body like this than the standard one does (no offence MadJack). As for everything else, I’m really happy with how her face came out and the hair as well. Oh and there’s rainbow fire. Who doesn’t like rainbow fire?

8. Triptych

Ok, ok, the first part of this was done before (and included in) my 2000 post list, but considering two-thirds of it weren’t, I’m including it. I have to say, my favourite bits of this were completely unintentional (I did each part about 2-3 months apart so I didn’t really plan it). The fact that the characters are positioned so as you work your way from left to right they descend, which is really fitting considering the tone of the images. The you have the backgrounds. They juxtapose each-other incredibly well, the rising darkness in the first, the falling light in the second and the shadows surrounding the third. I’m very proud of how well I fluked this.

7. Nike Redesign (Costume Version)

Those PRIDE redesigns tho… Easily some of the best superhero stuff I’ve done. And this is the best of them. I’m still not convinced that the hair was a good idea, but everything else… This costume rocks, and I’m being modest here ;). The colour blending is also pretty good, if I do say so myself.

6. Megan Hart X-Ray-ted

Blame Nug. It’s all his fault. He told me to do it. The fact that “it” is pretty awesome was just a lucky coincidence. God, this took ages. Honestly guys, the effect is great and all, but it’s a pain in the arse to do, sooooooo much masking. Favourite bit though? That necklace.

5. Rainbow Silhouette

Speaking of pains in the rear end, anyone for masking lag so crippling that it takes a good minute to actually recognise the item you’re trying to mask to. And then me, being the fool I am, went and animated it ( sorry about the music). And I did that stop motion style, so going into heromachine, moving each item by one space and exporting. It took a month to do and I’ve calculated that if I didn’t sleep or eat or do anything else it would have taken around 58 hours to put together. And counting all exports, it’s over ten thousand layers. NOT DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!!

4. Gamer Lili

Ahhh. Obviously. I don’t think I’ve had as much fun with any characters, or put as much time into any characters, as I did with Lili and Danni. I adore those girls. And this is the best solo shot of either of them. Everyone picked up on the TV glow, but I would like to point out that the thing I put the most effort into out of everything in this picture is the Gameboy on the sofa next to Lili. Then you have the wii gamepad and the headphones. These were the things I was expecting people to pick up on, but I guess the big stuff overshadows the small stuff in this case.

3. Shall We Get Going

I spent so long looking at Candruth’s gallery for this one, you guys don’t even know. Possibly the most shading I’ve ever done on one character. I mean, what on this one didn’t come out perfectly? The tattoos, the hair, the face, the pose, it’s just a very good picture, in my humble opinion.

2. Bright Idea & Story Lyric

Now, I debated which of this or Shall We Get Going to put at number 2. I actually feel that Shall We Get Going is the better picture by far, but I like this one more. I had so much fun creating it (even though I procrastinated badly half way through) and I love looking at it. Both ponies came out perfectly and the story that goes with the picture still makes me grin. Plus, Bright Idea… …….. …………. yeah.

1. Predictably

Lili & Danni: The Kiss

I owe RobM big time for the poses here, I would never have been able to do this without him. And considering this is my favourite picture I’ve ever done, that’s saying a lot. So thanks a metric ton dude. Not much I can say about this one really, it’s just… special. That’s the best way I can describe it.

So that’s my 10. What about you guys?

Until next time.

JR Out.