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CDC- Contest Again

This was from the ‘Everyday Heroes’ CDC that Jeff did in…. (checks date) 2012. I think it was also one of my first contest entries on the blog. Either way, updated her with a better costume and design, better effects, and showing off the guitar mid-transformation.

Updated Bio:

Often a social outcast, Lita spent most of her time listening to her favorite metal artists. One day, while singing along, she discovered she could project her voice into both the super- and sub-sonic ranges, often creating visible light and soundwaves in the process. After years of training, she has honed her abilities to become a powerful force for good. In her day job at a music store, she came into possession of a magical guitar. Named D.I.M.E (Destructive Instrument of Magical Energy), it is an interdimensional artifact able to transform into a variety of weapons and devices, and can only be used by a true hero. With her guitar and powerful voice, Lita spends her nights cleaning up the streets of those that would harm the innocent. All fear The Sentinel!

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