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Blue Blazer

Alias: Green Gremlin

Real Name: Jake Taylor

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: superhuman reflexes and acrobatics; super hearing; prehensile tail

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: bo staff

Affiliations: Hero Corps

Other Aliases: The Green Demon, The Gremlin

Status: de-powered


Jake Taylor grew up a normal kid, if not a little on the quiet side. His parents always seemed too preoccupied to pay him much attention, so he learned to enjoy being alone, looking to his imagination for companionship. But when he hit puberty, his life changed drastically. His suddenly raging hormones triggered a mutation that had laid dormant in his DNA until then. The mutation gave him superhuman reflexes and made his body incredibly flexible and acrobatic. His hearing became incredibly sensitive and soon was able to hear ultrasonic noises like a bat. But the strangest change was the tail that began to grow from his lower back and finally stopped growing when had reached about 5 feet. He found that he had developed the muscles necessary to control the tail, and with a little practice was able to pick up objects, use it like a whip, and even hang and swing from tree branches, poles, etc. Finally seizing his chance to gain the attention he had so far lacked, Jake made himself a green costume and began fighting crime. He fueled his creative side by becoming a freelance artist, and has honed his painting skill to near perfection. His parents still speak to him little, and most times he is still as shy as ever, but when he disguises himself as the Green Gremlin, he feels confident enough to become a fast-talking, wise-cracking hero.