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Blue Blazer

Alias: Green Demon

Real Name: Jake Taylor

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: excellent hand-to-hand combatant

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: bo staff

Affiliations: HeroCorps

Other Aliases: The Green Gremlin, The Gremlin

Status: active


Jake, as the Green Gremlin, was once one of Caligo’s most selfless and light-hearted heroes. He spent time solo as well as a few years in HeroCorps, using his mutant athleticism and balance along with his prehensile tail to fight injustice across Caligo. But when he was kidnapped and given a horriffic surgery by a shady criminal organization, he also became the Gremlin, a huge ravenous beast whose only thought was killing. In order to save the world from his darker half, Jake allowed the hero known as the Battery to completely drain him of all mutation in his DNA, ridding him of the were-gremlin inside, but also taking away those abilities he used when fighting crime. For months he tried living a normal life free of crime-fighting, but eventually the thrill of the fight overtook him and he re-dubbed himself the Green Demon, an un-powered fighter for the people. Eventually Jake was given a technologically advanced suit that allowed him to perform all of the amazing stunts he had done as the Green Gremlin.