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Hey melmo44
Going back to January

Rolanna Blood-Eyes- Reborn
She is on seriously ticked off warrior! Great expression, kewl pose, love the winged hilt of the sword. Good choise of armor and wounds, Something about the almost sepia color of of the skull on her loin cloth makes it look like a photo! And although it doesn’t JUMP out at you, a kewl background when you do see it at the corners of the bottom. Kewl pic all around.

Wow! Good peice. I wasn’t surprised this one was on the poll.
The fire and illumination from it looks great, as does glowing eyes and the dark forest and using the blue trees. I like the red tattoos as well. I also trying to figure what the heck ya used for his skirt? I get the black loincloth. but not the multi-piece brown and tan.

The Lion From the North
First off the Lion, Sword and Serpent effects are so well done. Very intersting choice for the horse barding. A kewl face with lots of character.
Kewl armor on the rider, and like you have his leg bent, some people just let it hang straight.

Ralas’Ovon, the Crushing Void
Once again more really kewl effects. and so creepy! heh heh
Really love the electric blue eyes and tunnel tummy. 🙂

Lady Justice #1: Rise from Shadow
heh heh and she does rise from the shadows in a very kewl way.

a kewl action shot. And an interesting use of the Companions in the background. Talk about Dark vs Light.

Coat Of Arms
Wonderful! Amazing! Love the transparency of old helmets, capes, sheilds and spears over the new warriors, and the warriors back behind the front 2 lines. and the flags really added to it too/ What a kewl concept and well executed. Loved it!

Can’t wait to see what you do next.