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Blue Blazer

Alias: Green Bowler

Real Name: Connor Blakely

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: probability manipulation

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none

Affiliations: Her Majesty’s League of Heroes

Other Aliases: Scamrock

Status: active


When Connor discovered his ability as a young man in Dublin, he used it purely for his own personal gain. He bet on everything from dice to horse races, raking in all the money he could get his greedy hands on. But word of his uncanny luck got around to the wrong people, and his power was outed to everyone. People began calling him Scamrock for his misdeeds, and Connor soon found himself friendless in his run-down flat in downtown Dublin. However, his ability became even more well known, until its existence came to the attention of the Queen, who quickly recruited him into her personal group of English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh superheroes, called Her Majesty’s League of Heroes. Now, as the Green Bowler, Connor uses his ability to manipulate probability to his advantage – not at the races but on the battlefield – fighting alongside his teammates against all who threaten his homeland.