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This picture has been wrecking my brains for a couple of days now so i thought id just post it and see what people think so far  any and all comments good & bad will be really helpful

Goddess Nimah The Creator

The people of the kingdom Alayia will tell story’s of Nimah and her God husband coming together and creating Alayia to rival that of Azzaro the tales tell that Alayia is Nimahs child and will one day be the mightiest kingdom there has ever been crushing all in is way but only the people of Alayia believe this in other countries she is simply know as The Goddess Nimah

King Melanthius II of Alayia is trying to force his wife Queen Aletheia to merge with the goddess so that she could grant him the power of the God creator (not named yet)  and he can make the prophecy true.

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