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Not sure what the Wow was in comment to particularly, but thanks. 🙂

LOL, 😀 very well could be. Thanks Nug

@ JR
I almost emailed you to ask about the BBC weather guys, but I know you are a very busy guy, so didn’t LOL
So thanks for the comments, just what I was wanting. 🙂

Yeah, I am a bad one for pun names. Drives my friend John crazy!
Not sure if you caught Cyrus – cirrus (as in cloud type) and McCloud as a name for a fog character.

His father Tate comes from wind god or Spirit in Lakota mythology. There are four primary wind spirits, referenced in relation to the four directions. It is thought that the wind unites “all” in one spirit, and that eagles, who stand on the wind, are the carrier of vision. Tate is said to guide one through obstacles.
As the invisible realm, wind connects past present and future, connecting ancestors and future generations, uniting humankind into the essential, eternal spirit. (From Wikipedia)

The fleshy spot on Wendy is a place of exposed skin I missed from the one-click companion of the hoodie girl in knee pants under all the tweaking.

Thanks for the helpful comments and kind words.
Makes it all worth it know people are looking and enjoying something I’m doing.