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Hans Palmer
aka White Hand

Blonde hair
Blue eyes
American Swedish decent

OCCUPATION: Massure, Hero

born into a family of health care professionals
Grandfather was a Doctor,
Father was a Chiropractor,
Uncle was a Acupressure specialist,
married to an Asian Acupuncture specialist,
Aunt is a Reiki healer

Hans and his family usually enjoyed wrestling on tv

Hans had an intimate knowledge of anatomy and pressure points at an early age

He began Martial Arts training at the age of 10
having an intimate knowledge of human anatomy and its strengths and weaknesses he excelled becoming the top in his class and attaining his black belt in record time.

With help from his sensai and family he soon was an expert n chock holds, sleeper holds, incapacitator holds, paralyzing strikes, vital area hits, missile deflection and weapon breaker

Didn’t feel like this was enough of Martial Arts/ Super Hero.
Could just be considered a Martial Artist.
So didn’t post.


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