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These are all awesome, I was wondering if your willing to take a crack at my character? Even a redesign of your kind of style I would love. Code name S.W.A.T.(Synthetic War Armor Tech.) Inspired by Kurtis Stryker,  and The Guardian. He lives in a world where the American way is all but forgotten. He Joined the police force to take down Criminals down after a gang blew up a community center he worked at. after joining the force he realized that the chief and the police was the reason for all the crime in his city in some way or another. He doesn’t like what is going on, the chief frames him for a crime and he goes on into hiding and vows to bring the police force back to its former glory. its a very dark style comic I’m working on. But I love your designs and would love to see what your vision of what the character would look like, I attached a small picture that I slightly started for colors only really. Thanks Kyle.

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