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Mad Jack

Glad you like it! I had a good reference picture… 😉

Now, to finish up my greek gods modernization.

This is Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and desire:

Arriving in the modern day world, Aphrodite, as a rather hedonistic goddess, used her special „talents“ to build up an „Empire of Love“. Or at least that‘s what she called her first brothel in the 1940s New York. Today, in the 21st century she operates a highly prestigious matchmaking service for the upper class, which simultaneously serves as a cover for a thriving deluxe escort agency that provides high class call girls and call boys to financially well situated and politically influential clients all over the world. This way she became one of the most sought-after personalities of Hollywood, Washington and New York‘s Upper West Side – albeit behind closed doors.

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Her ex-husband is Hephaistos, god of fire, the forge, smiths and metalworking, and the weapons-maker of Olympus:

Not the most handsome of the gods and accidentally crippled by his own mother in a fit of rage, Hephaistos was always an outsider of sorts and prefered a solitary life as a smith renowned for his skills in inventing flawless weapons and traps. Arriving in the 21st century, he consequently became the world leader in the development of munitions and a major supplier of arms for both corporate and government concerns. Nearly all of Ares‘ „Blackwater Worldwide“ ordnance and equipment is based on Hephaistos‘ technology. Aggressively developing new technologies, Hephaistos‘ company now starts to branch out into other scientific fields including robotics, nano-technology and fringe science.