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Thanks HermanSmellville and Yin! I don’t have a fully fleshed out story for Nkechinyere yet. I originally started using Heromachine because I was creating a game using RPGMaker and I wanted some portraits of the characters, but that project is on hold now because of a computer crash. The concept for the game is the somewhat typical RPG story of “someone from a small village becomes a hero and saves the world”, but it’s based on cultural elements and mythology from various African cultures rather than the more common medieval Europe-like setting for that kind of game.

Anyways, here’s what I have so far for her story: the world is in danger because Aido Hwedo, the Rainbow Serpent (, is running out of food – when he has no more food, he eats his own tail and then the world will fall into the ocean. Nkechinyere’s village serves as guardians of the entrance to the tunnel to reach Aido Hwedo and bring him more food. So Nkechinyere, her twin brother Lesedi, and their other companions set out to acquire the magical objects that they need to make the talismans that will allow them to reach Aido Hwedo under the earth and the oceans.