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My secret is that my portraits are blown up to, say, 600×600. That way you can get ridiculous amounts of detail with teeny tiny gradients (the ones inside the irises are 1×1). But, normally, yes. I do have trouble getting small enough highlights on regular characters. I finagle with eyes all the time because they’re usually uneven and don’t ever line up perfectly. That’s why I work on portraits in such big proportion, since you can get much finer control over that. As far as normal-sized characters? You pick your battles. xD

I recently came across Cliffs problem and used an eye whited out to add a highlight or two… since an eyes 100 x 100 base is already pretty small. It can get way smaller than a 1 x 1 gradient circle. I found myself wondering sometime earlier… Candruth… That  (and since you do)  if you blow it up to 600 X 600 and use the 1 x 1 gradient circle for a perfect fit…. Select all items and <b>then</b> shrink it down to 100 x 100 proportions… !?!?!? O.0   Rip in space/time continuum right?