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@cliff I noticed you’ve made these awesome comments on other threads as well and just wanted to say I think it’s really great that you’re doing that. Thanks!

Do you often have the problem of 1×1 pixel is still too big like highlight on the lips? or that one space click it too high or too low and you can’t place it exactly where you want it in the detailed work?

My secret is that my portraits are blown up to, say, 600×600. That way you can get ridiculous amounts of detail with teeny tiny gradients (the ones inside the irises are 1×1). But, normally, yes. I do have trouble getting small enough highlights on regular characters. I finagle with eyes all the time because they’re usually uneven and don’t ever line up perfectly. That’s why I work on portraits in such big proportion, since you can get much finer control over that. As far as normal-sized characters? You pick your battles. xD