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Going back to January, since I’ve wanted to comment, but something usually stops me.

The Veteran Captain
What a face, such a dour expression. Yeah he loooks loike
he’s been through it and still capable of handling anything thrown his way. Great use of highlights and shadows.

Not only a great portrain, but a kewl video to go with it.
I see you use a smaller setting and peice together they eye showow just like doing makeup. I tend to be heavy handed and do ONE circle. Need to try your way even though it will take a little longer. Acutally you do the microwork on other places on the face as well where as I’ve been using bigger circles. Need to try your way.
Do you often have the problem of 1×1 pixel is still too big like highlight on the lips? or that one space click it too high or too low and you can’t place it exactly where you want it in the detailed work?

Heh i’m sure she summons all sorts of guys (or girls) just by standing there and looking as she does heh.
Great face as usual, but then that is your strength. Also a kewl outfit, and kewl glow from the eyes of the materializing skeletons. Heh a possible mate for Nekrotikus the necormancer.

Elf Woman Knight
Great face and hair once again. Also a kewl armour with all the metal feathers look. Very kewl metal work hightlights/shadows.

OK do we start with the word Morphologist. So much classier than Shapechanger. heh
What a kewl pic, the colors, costume and detail, love how you blacked out the palm and just had the fingers visable.

Healing Words
HAVE to love that collar, don’t think I would have ever thought to put it up like that. Great helm, face, armor,
costume and glow effect. Gold, blue and white work very well here. Very serene yet powerful picture. You can hear a chorus of heavenly voicese singing “Ahhhhhhhhh” as the magic happens.

Awesome face and costume as usual. The sharpness of the metal and spikes comtrasting with the softness of the skirt and skin. Love the copper colors.
The sythe is almost a yin/yang symbol which is very kewl.
Not to mention her refelction in the two blades.

Alien Battle Suit:
Wow! The tech details on the suit is amazing. Boggles my mind. and kewl pose too. Colors work great. Fantastic metal work. Nice glowing bits.

Great out-of-the-darkness shot. Kewl pose. Great costume.

Amazing! Wonderful work.The red and the gold sparks, the dark spots showing depth and hinting at sky behind, the glow on the rocks.

Valkyrie King
Gerat pose, kewl look, somewhat rakish due to the beard,
yet stern and feirce, and the blow glow from the sword
highlighting everything is just wicked awesome!

Great desert gear and colors Love the look. One again great contrasting of the soft flowing clothing with the hardness of the leather and metal. The shading of course just adds all sort of realism to it. You deciuded your light sourse and highlighted and shaded wonderfully. Feirce!

Death Knight
Scary looking as a Death Knight should be. great use of the electric blue in the rune cirlce, the electricity effect and hightlights.. Some is lost to my eyesight, but what I do pick up is awesome.

Gorgeous. How did you do the double day moons?
Love them even more than than great clouded moughtains.

Hooded Man
Kewl portrait. Hard to belive it’s your first guy. I would make sure my wallet was safe and give him a wide berth LOL 😀
Although he is cute under that hood and glases LOL/

Wow! Talk about one scary butt ugly cuss. In a good way. LOL So many great elements that make him up, the use of the spider eyes up those horns, the blank eyes, that hhuge teethy mouth, clawed hands, shoulder spines, chest scars, the faded body/tail showing depth. But one thing that really caught my eye was the stress marks on the bar. That sucker is about to get free any moment.

Merman Version 2
Awwww. You lost some of the immediatacy in this one I feel.
the bars seem too thin, too wide. Seems like he could just come on through, the bars don’t do much.In the first pic it had a crampt look like he was effectively caged in, other than he could crush the bars, which had its own flavor of additional danger. IMOHO.

You do such amazing work.
I can’t wait to see what you do next.