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@Cliff- yeah, I got that you were being silly (for want of a better word) about the books/ robe, but I never actually said about the inspiration for them and that seemed like the opportune moment to do so. The whole Heartcore thing is all in my head at the moment. I know how it would start, how I would want it to go and how it would end but no specifics. For example, there’d have to be an episode/ chapter about the Solstice Celebration because of Oliver coming out to Sempi, then there’d be a bit on Yarin’s past (probably someone from her past coming back) and one of the characters is going to die near the end and that’s what gives Oliver the push to get over his self doubt and become a badass. But apart from those three events, the middle part of the story isn’t that fleshed out. I’m very good at ideas, but not at finishing them. And don’t worry, I wasn’t offended by the song. Let’s just say it’s not to my tastes though.
Oh and good luck with the dialysis.