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Hey JR
Dewd I didn’t mean for you to have to reply to each of my comments. LOL 😀
But I guess that what makes you such a good moderator.
First off – I hoped ya got the book and the dress/robe comments was just my sense of humor. I read all the descriptions and know about the books. and I definately knew it was a robe. And yes robes did suit him better.
KEWL on Oliver’s future story! Is this an actual story that you have written down or still in your head other than your character bios?
Your right I haven’t seen Gurren Lagann 🙁
I am really Sorry if the song offended you. I did think to put the NSFW warning at least.
Thanks for the heads up on MLP: FiM on YouTube.
Well off to dialysis now.
Have a great day.