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@Maverik1313- Cheers, although the ones that are all in the same pose are just recolours of each other with a horn or wings added/ missing.

@Cliff- Ok, you know it’s a long comment when I have to open up a TextEdit page so I can read the comment whilst writing the response. Ok so here goes.
– Sempi & Cyrus: Well I did explain about the big ass books, it has an enchantment on it so it can store excess magic power, so it increases in size but not in weight. And it also stems from the idea that “the greatest weapon in the world is knowledge” and what better physical representation of knowledge is there but a book?
– Gade: It’s not a dress, it’s a robe. He’s not an active fighter so he doesn’t need to have a hugely free range of movement and the robe looks much better in a fantasy setting for an old wise man than a suit (see Gandalf, Dumbledore, Ben Kenobi etc. etc. etc.)
– Oliver: Yeah, the idea was for him to look “weaker” than the others, because at the end of it all he’d be the one to turn out to be a total badass. Kinda like Simon from Gurren Lagann (if you haven’t watched it, which I doubt, he’s a kid with no self confidence who only thinks he’s good at one thing who ends up saving not only the whole world but every sentient being in the universe).
– Yarin/ Halin/ Kaibai/ Ruma/ The Faceless/ Silence: Cheers, I think you managed to get what I was going for with all of them (although not too sure about the song).
– Yura: Yep, that’s exactly what I was going for with the neck area.
– Zeke: That’s the whole point, you aren’t meant to see much apart from what the cigarette lights up.
– Megan: I was definately going for a more “normal” look and I’m glad it payed off. And yeah, that X-Ray effect is pretty awesome, I got the idea from Nug.
– JR: It’s artistic licence-ish.
– Consumed etc.: It wasn’t the shading on any of those that was giving me trouble. I was trying to do this other pic at the time which was all lighting effects and in the end it defeated me.
– shall we get going: cheers dude. I spent a fair amount of time looking at Candruth’s work to get the shading on her just right. Little secret, she was originally going to be topless, but I wouldn’t have been able to post her here otherwise.
– Ponies: Glad you like them dude. Would you believe that there is absolutely no masking on any of the pony pics, it’s all insignias. Cloudsdale is a place in the show (it’s a cloud city surprisingly enough and only Pegasus ponies live there, because they can walk on clouds). Also, I don’t have access to Discovery Family (which is the channel it’s on now), I watch the episodes on YouTube. They’re all on there, so you should give it a shot. I’d say, if you start at the beginning and aren’t feeling it, give it until episode 6 Winter Wrap Up (I think it’s episode 6, might be 7 or 8). That’s the episode that everyone quotes as the episode that really got them into MLP. Oh, and if you do try to watch it on YouTube, remember to search MLP: FiM (Friendship Is Magic) because that’s the full title for this generation (otherwise you might end up with the 80’s toons).