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Hey JR
Playing catch up here from January

Sempi Turner
She is totally cute. Love the face. Great costume too. Kewl rainbow effect and one big @$$ book!

Doctor Gade Heinriechs
all sorts of leader look, stern, conservative (for a man in a dress LOL 😀 ), respected. Like the black streak in the hair and beard too.

Cyrus Walker
First off, totally handsome face and great hair. I just notice the trenchcoat is on all three, so part of a uniformed uniform heh 🙂 and sword and big @$$ book. Very kewl.

Oliver Heinriechs
Awwwwwwww. So cute, so vulnerable and his little book and with no coat and not even a dagger. And gay,
“Just what I always wanted. My own little pet. I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and I will name him George.”

Commander Yarin Mako
Very kewl and captainy. Love the off the shoulder cape and how it hangs from the bent arm.
As a matter of fact, great poses on all of them.
Kewl hat and tunic, and a wicked guantlet.

And man she is ABSolutly ripped!

Halin Kortz
Didn’t need to read the description to know he was going to be a scholarly type, the face, pose, lack of visable weapon said it all.
Comedian/singer Jonny McGovern has a music vid that says it best “Sexy Nerd” (probably NSFW if ya look it up)

Kaibai Minamo/Dragon
Wow great costume. Love the Mask, the shoulders and arms and guntlets, and of course the bare chest and those ABSolutly fabuous Abs! As well as the color scheme.

Yura Illex/Angel
Great face again. And what is not to love about the feathered cloak? Did you mean to have the bit about the neck to make a heart/angel shape?

Ruma Malaka/The Kraken
Handsome in a Yul Brenner sort of way. And a great costume design and color scheme. Love the kinda corsety open chest look and the great collar on the trenchcoat.

Zeke Othion/The Shade
A bit dark for me to see much, but I like what I do see.
But the face and cigarette is great.
I recently did a Darkness character that is utter crap compaired to this. 😛

The Faceless
There isn’t much to it, but it’s SO effective. Doesn’t need anything else. The smile scars/rips and claws speak volumes.

Ah one with visable eyes, The Cape and collar is wonderfully wicked, and the pose is kewl. Will say the legs look a tag thick. Great other than that though.

Cute Girl aka Megan Hart
Nailed it. The look, not the actual gir …. nevermind.
I actually like her with the scarf too. I love how you also give her a more realistic silhoutte than the super hero hour glass in body. She still has a thinner waist but not AS much and yet clearly not fat, just “normal”. Well done.
I’ve dressed up and dressed down characters before as well, as well as trying on everything in their closet LOL.
LOL and there is Skoul saying the opposite of me thinking she has a pinched waist in it LOL

X-RAYted Megan

Heh was that what you looked like last year, or was it some artistic liscence? Very kewl costume and helmet.

Cosumed, Colours Fade and My Heart Burns
Are all three very good. Definately resonates you being in a slump/depression in tone and mood though.
I can see how the shading could give you some troubloe though. It’s subtle but great.

shall we get going
came back with a vengence! In more ways than one LOL
Where would one start with this? The amazing hair, sexy face, intricate tattoos, cocky pose, wonderful tummy, great lighting/shading, beautiful background, big @$$ guns, or bad @$$-ness of her? Oh and do I mention her Power Girl boobs under that binding?

What a BRIGHT IDEA you had!
Heh! She is SO CUTE!
And so VERY well done.
I’m thinking lots of circles and masking were involved.
I sadly don’t have cable so never see any of the show. Although sounds like I would probably like it if I did.
I thought of coming up with one myself, but had no idea what/who it would be.

Bright Idea/Sweet Death

Bright Idea/Story Lyric
LOL I have never played Pokemon or seen the show, yet I totally groved on the geek-speak.
Ponymon: Harmony Version is just too inspired and precious sounding.

Ah my wife had a character named Skydancer, got it from a character on a notebook she had. So immediately like this Little Pony.
Your pony is precious! And great background story to, Made me smile big time 🙂
Aneighme is just friggin brilliant. Must have gotten that from Bright Idea. 😀
Pegasus from Cloudsdale not sure if you made that up or from the show. But I love it!

YUMMY. Love me some cheesecake, and what a cute and well done and backgrounded pony 🙂

Still makes me want to create me a pony LOL

I know you are busy as Moderator, and doing a good job.
And thanks for putting up with my faux pas lately.
but can’t see more art from you.