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Green Devil
What a great look. I love it. Plus I’m a sucker for plant characters. (Major Poison Ivy fan)

Nicholas is SO well done. I just recently did a Dark character, but yours walking out of the darkness is SO OFF THE SCALE better!

Heh my friend John has a character Michael Coyote, who is a human trickster, so I can’t help but love this one even if it wasn’t well done, which it is! Nice use of the fox head for it.
And love the animal paw in his human form. DIdn’t notice it on my first look. Nice and subtle.

What syncronisity. I just did a red android. Vision for a game I’m going to play Scarlet Witch and John is playing Vizh. Kewl name for a stranded alien heh. And love the costume, clean and clean, not too cluttered or anything.

Also kewl and similar yet different from his dad. Definately an updated, modern look. And both are handsome.

Judiah Grimm
what a great look, loving the sublte dark effect on the rod/spear.

MAN looks like a space vampire to me. And I love vampires.
Great look, costume and colors.

Gabriela Soto
I LOVE her ink manipulation. That is some wickedly groovy effects! Me personally I love her daily wear more than her costume heh heh.

Some very kewl characters and stories going on there. Great work