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Sea Queen RULES!
As a Sea Queen should. 😀
Love her face, the blue lips, great use of hair. I also love the wet suit type elements of her costume and those are some kick a$$ boots. very kewl water effects too particularly behind her.

is pretty kewl too.
great to see Native American characters.
woderful pose with the bird landing on her arm
once again just great use of the hair and face to reflect the characters personality.
And some great costume elements in the shawl, the bow with the fur, the hip wrap and knife sticking out, and the elements that make those boots
I can see her running with Aym Geronimo as kids in the Grand Canyon 🙂

is fierce.
In our new game once I get moved I’m playing Wonder Man Simon Williams,
He has a bit of that ionic heroes vibe particularly with the red elements on the costume and energy effects.

looks sweet and deadly heh
almost more like a rose. pretty but with thorns, although the name Daisy is perfect for her.
The eyes peeking from under the hat, the rifle contrasted with her corset, the great duster, and her gunbelts and thigh straps make it clear Daisy is no school marm. Also love the walking pose like she’s going out to the main street at high noon to settle something.

isn’t a can of kick a$$, she’s several cases!
For one thing I’m a sucker for a blue woman. I have several of my own.
Where does one start? Just the hair and face yet again say everything about her tude, and looks like she has a major one.
Great color scheme of black, blue and gold with the pop of red. The shoulder pads, costume, guantlets and those boots str all sorts of feirce!
Great energy effect, going off screen even adds more on top of that. The details of the veins on her body,
and let us not forget the slight glow behind her and about the kewl effect on the broken up background. It just all adds up to another AMS work of art.
I tell ya a combo of her and Sea Queen would look like a better design of my character Marina Rivera aka Nautica. As it stands right now she is just blue with a darker blue one peice bathing suit. boring, but combo of those two woman would make her really rule the sea. 🙂

The Judge
For one thing, I’m envious. I just can’t use those tech costume elements right. I’m more of a nature/satyr guy. Also metal isn’t my strong suit, although I’ve been working on it. So yeah, pretty envious.
It’s a tight design and of course brilliantly executed,
which I imagine is what he does LOL 😀
The grey, black and blue probably a bit reminescant of the color he lives his victums too. LOL 😀
Sorry ’bout that.

All in all great work AMS, as usual.