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Blue Blazer

Alias: Glob

Real Name: Earl Fillmore

Genre: Supervillain

Powers/Special Skills: able to transform into semi-solid gelatinous goop

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none

Affiliations: The Nasty Nine

Other Aliases: Jell-o

Status: at large

Earl Fillmore was never a good man. Racist, sexist, and xenophobic, he always enjoyed taking out his frustrations on those around him, particularly his timid wife Rhonda. He drank too much, swore too much, and smoked too many cigars. His hygiene was terrible and he was rapidly becoming more and more overweight.

And that was BEFORE he became a super villain.

He worked a job as a janitor at TriChem laboratories, who had just discarded a rejected compound meant to be a self-repairing second skin for burn victims. But the substance had turned into an oozing, green translucent sludge not fit to be used. It was being stored in a large vat in the labs the night that Earl, on the graveyard janitorial shift, went on a bender at work and broke into the chamber. Curious and drunk out of his mind, Earl approached the odd goop and touched it. Immediately it slithered onto his arm and sank into his skin, where it bonded with his body and spread. It reached even so far as into Earl’s mind, where through sheer force of anger and will, he made himself its master. Now, he can turn his own body into the disgusting stuff, and uses it to commit crimes so that he doesn’t ever have to work again. When he realized that he could accomplish more with help from allies, he joined up with the abominable Nasty Nine.