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Mad Jack

Thanks Nug! I think it’s a bit of both.

I created these characters almost exactly two years ago and since my “technique” improved between then and now (or at least I hope so) I now dislike some of the old designs (doesn’t Artemis “old” head seem way too big?!). But then again I’m kind of a hoarder and don’t like to discard something entirely if it can still be used someway. So yeah, to cut a long story short, the idea is that the faded poses are what they look(ed) like when they act(ed) as the ancient greek gods and the other (newer) poses are what they look like today.

Any maybe, just maybe, some of them will use their old attire once again when they are forced to choose a side in the inevitable war between the superheroes and villains of “Earth Zero” (our world) for whose emergence they are at least partly responsible. But that’s another story for another time … 😉