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Blue Blazer

Alias: The Ghoul

Real Name: Mickey Monaghan

Genre: Vigilante

Powers/Special Skills: very tough fighter, proficient with firearms

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: 9mm pistols

Affiliations: the Mancini crime family

Other Aliases: “Madman” Monaghan

Status: deceased


Mickey was a goon for the Mancini family, a ridiculously powerful crime syndicate in underground Caligo. His main job was roughing up those who wouldn’t pay the Mancinis for “protection”. But when Mickey’s wife gave birth to a little girl, he was suddenly sure that he was through being a thug. He tried to leave the organization straight up, but he was threatened and bullied into staying. So instead, he went to the District Attorney and turned state’s evidence against his employers, for a promise of immunity and a new identity for himself and his family.

That promise was fulfilled, and the Monaghans lived a quiet life in a new town for several years. But the Mancinis found them, and one day Mickey came home from his job at the factory to find his two loves dead. His grief was short-lived, because the murderers were still waiting for him. They beat Mickey within an inch of his life, and then cut up his face until it was a gnarled, meaty mess, and left him to die. But a neighbor heard the commotion and called the police, and Mickey was rushed to the hospital where his life was barely saved. When he awoke, only one thought dominated his mind – revenge. He escaped from the hospital, with bandages still wrapped around his mutilated face, and went on a week long violent rampage against the Mancini mafia, killing dozens of its members until he was finally overcome and gunned down. During this week he would only refer to himself as the Ghoul.