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name ricky holland

codename  Central

hometown seattle washington

abilities superhuman level intellect

Ricky Holland was always the smartest kid in school to the point that he finished high school at 15 .when ricky graduated Princeton with a PHD in neuroscience at the age of 19 he quickly rose the ranks of the scientific ladder becoming a multi millinare in the process. with his newly made wealth  he developed  a formula which was meant  to increase cognitive functions. he used the formula on himself and doubled his brain capacity making him by far the smartest man on earth. he used these smarts to become a billionaire . with his money he built a suit to fight crime with…. but sadly he was not very good at it. Ricky was almost killed in a fight which caused him to hang up his shortly lived suit. but this caught the attention of jack Vaughn who recruited Ricky as a member of the victory squad who would the Battle from the homefront and give his suit to some who could put it to better use


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