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Herr D

Thanx! I frequently don’t add a new post these days, just add on to others. That one didn’t appeal to the judge enough or I broke a submission rule somehow. It was fun to figure out that move, even if I overstretched a tenta uh, leg.

Moving on!

Jimmy went a bit Machiavellian with the science fair.




This one I had trouble with exporting and repeated crashes, so didn’t complete in time for the secret identity contest. Still not happy with it. Needs work.


In the Egyptian way of thinking, reincarnation as a lower species could be a punishment. So . . . who was punishing the WHOLE EGYPTIAN PANTHEON BY SWAPPING OUT THEIR HEADS FOR ANIMAL HEADS? For that matter, what were the heads used for? The only quality dead human heads have differently than most animal species is that they’re ROUNDER.

Examine plate 467A for the answer.