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Mad Jack

Still working on the modern time cover identities for my greek goods, I saw this weeks CDC #123 theme (All Winners Squad) and thought to myself “self, why don’t you use some of the winner heads and kill two birds with one stone?” Well, here’s what came out of it:

What happens if you give dblade some hair? He becomes a god of rock ‘n’ roll! Or to be exact, Apollo, the god of music, light, inspiration, and medicine. He’s a doctor by day and a rock musician by night. Unlike me, who is a fribble by day and a sound sleeper by night … πŸ˜‰

All the while a pioneer in medical matters, Apollo used his superior curative skills in the 21st century to become a highly esteemed surgeon and distinguished expert in multiple medical fields who operates numerous free clinics all over the world. At the same time, when he isnβ€˜t performing as guitarist and lead singer of his own rock group, he runs the genetic research department of the EOS Corporation, trying to unlock the genetic secrets of his peoples and isolating the gene sequence that gives the Nai’vil those extraordinary abilities that sets them apart from their cousins, the homo sapiens.


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And then there is DiCicatriz. Don’t know why, but using his head somehow resulted in Hermes, the god of speed, travel, and thieves, being a skater. Oh, what the heck – why not?! Just watch out for your wallet when you’re near him … πŸ˜€

Hermes is the owner of a fast-growing international messenger and delivery service that works in many areas of business, not all of of them entirely legitimate since he acts, amongst others, as a drug runner for his brother Hades and runs a gang of juvenile pickpockets.