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Mad Jack

Had to put my “Villains Project” on hold, while working on the profile cards for all my older characters, but when I started the cards for my greek gods I had the idea to create modern day cover identities for them.

And coincidentally luck would have it that last weeks CDC #122 (Secret Identities) matched this idea perfect, so I decided to enter my Zeus as a sort of “pre-publication”. Here he is:

Zeus Double Identity


After thousand of years of detainment on the hidden island of “At’Luan” for their ruthless interactions with humans and their excessive cultural influence on humankind, a family of powerful Nai’vil – once known as the greek pantheon of gods – managed to escape their prison when in the early 1940s, during World War Two, an exploding german battleship temporarily weakened the technological forcefield that cloaked the island and prevented its inhabitants from leaving. Over the following decades, hiding between humans, these Nai’vil built themselves a new existence in New York and became a wealthy and very influential industrialist family.

Now, in the 21st century, the former greek gods act as heads of the EOS Corporation – one of the largest industrial conglomerates with countless subsidiaries all around the world, which generates billions of dollars in profits each year in an abundance of business areas, among them a private military company called „Blackwood Worldwide“, a genetic research department, an aerospace company, nano technology laboratories, and many more.

Zeus, the family patriarch, is the main shareholder and CEO of the mother company EOS Corporation that was secretely responsible for the events that led to the emergence of the first modern day metahumans, the revealment of At’Luan‘s existence and the exposure of the Nai’vil, Grimms, and Corya’Nai to the public.