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Blue Blazer

Name: The Genie

Genre: Fantasy

Powers/Special Skills: virtually limitless magical ability

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none

Affiliations: The Faerie Queen

Other Aliases: Jinn

Status: exists in the Book of Fables


The Genie of the Lamp lives, along with all other characters from all fairy tales, in the Book of Fables, a pocket dimension contained inside an actual book. He has existed since time out of mind as a creature who must grant three wishes to each subsequent master who possesses his lamp. For the first few centuries of his existence, the Genie was happy to serve his human masters, often even making suggestions of wishes that he knew would improve their lives. But little by little, the roots of envy began to grow in his heart, watching men and women gain their hearts’ greatest desires while he was no more than a magical slave. He began to take his revenge on humankind by granting wishes with terrible, ironic consequences. He spent many years then as a malevolent jinn, until he finally fell into the hands of Aladdin. In this humble, kind-hearted boy, the evil genie finally saw his chance to rid himself of he shackles of the lamp. He pretended to be his old self, jovial and good, granting Aladdin’s first two wishes with a smile, but all the while he was manipulating the boy into using the third wish to set him free. The scheme worked, and as soon as the Genie was out of his prison, he went on a terrible rampage, decimating villages and lsaughtering hundreds of people until he was finally contained by the dark magic of the Faerie Queen. She used her new found prisoner to gain control of the Book of Fables and rule the world of fairy tales, and then she struck a shady deal with the Genie – if he would break his rule and grant her as many wishes as she pleased, she would one day free him permanently from the lamp. Seeing no other option, and unable to manipulate the Faerie Queen as he had the naive and gullible Aladdin, the Genie agreed to her terms and has been her henchman ever since, dreaming of the day that he can once again roam the world spreading havoc and chaos.