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Name: Ricochet
Age: 26
Height: 6’2
Powers/Abilities: Weapon Proficiency, Enhanced Agility
Equipment: Energized Sphere (controlled by implants in both of Ricochet’s hands)
Alignment: Villain

A member of The Veiled Syndicate, DeShawn Willis aka Ricochet is the smooth, ninja-like enforcer of the gang. Pressured into joining a gang at a young age, DeShawn was a run-of-the-mill street thug. After the gang-related death of his best friend, DeShawn wanted to leave his street life behind, but not before he got his revenge on the men who killed his friend. DeShawn found and confronted the gangsters who he was looking for, but was subdued. Just as they were about to kill him, a large man in a purple suit emerged from the shadows and killed all of the gangsters with ease. The large man then offered DeShawn a place by his side. An offer which he quickly accepted. Now going by Ricochet, DeShawn has become a force to be reckoned with in the criminal underworld. He has connections with The Kane St Kings and Los Guerreros Rojas, two of the biggest street gangs in the city.


and again in a suit