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Blue Blazer

Alias: Garrison

Real Name: Charlie Bernstein

Genre: Anti-terrorist/Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: expert proficiency with virtually all types of weaponry

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: impressive arsenal of various weapons

Affiliations: US Army, The Dogs of War

Other Aliases: Armory

Status: active


When 18-year old Charlie Bernstein joined the US Army out of high school, he had no idea what his future would one day hold. Charlie exhibited incredible proficiency with the use and maintenance of every firearm he got a hold of, and was therefore placed in a Special Forces unit under General Harold Rockford. The general saw such skill and potential in Charlie that he selected him to join an anti-terrorist team not officially affiliated with the Army. This unit became known as the Dogs of War, and Charlie received the codename Armory for his uncanny ability to pick up any weapon and seem to understand and effectively use it. Before long, he began to design and build new firearms never before seen, to be used by the Dogs. When the team disbanded after a traitor had infiltrated its ranks, Charlie continued to manufacture advanced weaponry, drifting into electronics as well as ballistics. Before long, he had invented the suit he now wears, including several retractable guns, bulletproof steel armor, rocket boosters, and more. He uses this gear to continue fighting domestic terrorism, though he is now no longer sanctioned by the government, or anyone else for that matter, going by the new codename Garrison.