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Blue Blazer

Alias: Gargoyle
Real Name: Kevin Stedman
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: flight via wings, super strength, rock body, prehensile tail
Affiliations: none
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
Kevin stood atop the St. Henry’s cathedral in downtown Caligo. It was here that he planned to end it. Fitting, that the house of God would be his final resting place. He had hated his maker for so long, this would be one final insult to the Lord.

He reached into the waistband of his pants and pulled out his pocket knife. He had spent all morning sharpening the damn thing. It would be his instrument of death, his ticket to whatever existence there was waiting for him. He stepped out into the night air, feeling the autumn breeze whipping through his hair and playing gleefully with his shirt. Beside him, a hideous stone creature squatted out over the streets below.

Kevin closed his eyes and sighed a deep sigh. His last, he told himself. He held the blade of the knife up to his throat. He hesitated, feeling the cold steel against the skin of his neck.

He pulled the knife across his Adam’s Apple, spilling his life onto the gargoyle. He choked on his blood for a few seconds, his neck craned so he could look into the evening sky, so he could look God in the face and by his act defy Him. Finally, his eyes rolled up and he collapsed onto the demonic statue beside him. Crimson flooded out of his throat on the beast as he slid down to the ground. Kevin Stedman died on that ledge that night. But as he did, the Gargoyle was born.

The rocky thing opened its stone eyes and looked around in puzzlement. It looked down at its hands, its chest, its huge bat-like wings.

God had cursed him again.

Kevin’s soul resided now in the body of this mythical beast. He could fly, he had gained immense physical strength, and his rock body was almost indestructible. He soon realized that he had been wrong to rebel against God. This had been his destiny from day one. He could right his own wrongs now, and end the wrongs of others. He could protect the weak and the fearful. He was God’s weapon against evil. He was fear in villains’ hearts and doubt in their minds.

He was the Gargoyle.