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Smoke bit at my eyes as i entered the building, and followed Iarrarl down the spiralling stone steps.
The steps ran around the outside of the building, showing how it had been carved in to the earth and ringed with wooden posts to hold back the weight of earth.

At the bottom, we entered the main room, a small fire smouldered in the centre, filling the room with a dim glow.

“Hungy Valius? there’s some stew left over” Iarrarl asked as she stirred the fire back to life.

A small crowd was gathering as Iarrarl opened her bags and started setting out her cargo on the floor.

It was a scattered arrangement of blades and iron tools, a dagger there, an axe head here.
I sat and watched as a wealth of amber and long ivory tusks passed in to her hands…

“Valius, this is my sister, Ragnheior.”

Ragnheior was much the same as Iarrarl, she had the same bright silver hair and cold blue ice like eyes.
She was a little shorter by a couple of inchs, she was still over a good 6 feet tall, maybe six feet two to Iarrarls six four.

“So your the souther, the man from empire, come let us drink together, you have much to tell.” Ragnheior thrust a ivory drinking horn at me.

The drink tasted foul, but it was strong and that was what mattered, tired from the road was soon asleep.

I spent the next few days in there village, it was mostly uneventful.
Until the duel.