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Sorry, I did not see you there! Yes, I am happy to help, if I can
First, I need to point out there is a section “How do I…” which can usually have more help(ppl who are more tech savy than me.) That said, how I use the text is I open a text file, or post making sure to highlight the text only, If it is posted in a seperate attachment (like the pose under seated) I hit control{ctrl}and A{for all}
If it’s like the Vanessa post, (with the picture and text together) you will have to click drag and hold till the end of the text.
then hit control{ctrl}and c{for copy}, then open the text tab and hit control{ctrl}and v{for paste}. If you got this right, then you should see a lot of text in the window. Then you just hit the ok button at the bottom