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I swear, this glitch where all the layers and masking are undone when you hit Undo is the one thing I truly hate about Heromachine. The changes it made even got into the save file of this character somehow and I didn’t save after the glitch.

Anyway, this is a remake of Athena of the Pantheon (rechristened The Mortal Gods). No single character in my files has annoyed me more than Athena. Her old costume was just all kinds of terrible so when I randomly chose her name from my list, I was so glad to finally get around to remaking her. I decided to tone down the “super” aspect this time around and I like it a lot more.

The baby she’s carrying is not her own. I won’t tell you the babies identity just yet but I will say that it is very important to the story of the Mortal Gods.


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