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Herr D

An honest-to-goodness FBI agent? To see Farmer Jenkins? Well he told me he was out of town for a month, but I guess he stayed on account of that thunderclapper strikin’ his barn. Thought I saw his pickup goin’ the night before, but, y’know, now’s I think about it, he prob’ly parked it in the barn to stand on. To help reach, right? He fixed his barn, installed the new sprinklers, painted everything all in a WEEK, if y’ can believe that. –What? No, I cain’t read your badge, son; broke ma glasses last year. I just string beans and sets here while the family comes and goes. Yessir, I saw ol’ Jenkins out there finishin’ up somethin’ coupla days ago. All that work musta done him in. Clothes don’t fit him right anymore. Walks stiff too.

I tell ya what, his tomatoes grew up real fast–odd shade of green, though. And eight foot tall vines if I’m six. That’s right!