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@Jeimuzu- Well, hopefully everyone will find it spectacular.

I was pondering holding this one back until Sunday (put out something after each episode), but considering I’ve now got to do a Bright Idea and Story Lyric (Linea’s pony) pic, which I have a really good idea for (lets just hope I can pull it off) and a pic involving Pulp Noir, I think I’d better get on with it. So, anyways….

“Are you really going to eat all of that chocolate cheesecake by yourself?”

Bright Idea nods.

“You’ll make yourself ill.”

“I love cheesecake. And anyway, I’ve already eaten 2 already, plus some blueberry muffins and a ton of chocolate!”

“How? Why?”

“I’m trying to put myself in a food coma.”

“A food coma?”

“Yeah. Or to put it another way, a Sweets Death….”

*awkward silence*

“Did you really invite me here just so you make that joke?”

Bright Idea & Sweet Death


(Lull, I’m soooooo sorry. *Hides face in shame at that pun*)

Ok, so, very happy with how Idea came out here, not so happy with SD. The proportions aren’t right and she’s too short, something which I only noticed after colouring and at that point there’s no chance of being able to change anything considering how these ponies are put together. Might have to try her out again at some point (provided Lull lets me after that pun). But other stuff first…..