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Race- Kadarians

Height- 5 to 7 ft

Race Description- The Kadarians are very stealthy warriors. Some fight for food, some fight for coins, or they might even fight for good reputation. When they’re in danger, there ears begin to bend back, they begin to hiss, and they hide in the dark to prepare a very bloody sneak attack.

Spells- They use  Mostly use protective spells to paralyze their enemies. Some use illusion to persuade their enemies even for more coins

Skills- They’re masters of stealth, speech craft, and daggers

Story- The Kadarians were normal cats until they evolved to walk on two feet. By then, they started to expand kingdom, knowledge and power. They mostly had knowledge on sneaking and gorilla warfare in case of  fighting their most powerful enemies. Sadly as they continue to progress through knowledge of how to survive, they adapted to thievery and most races despise of them to be master of thieves. Some of them grew up to be merchants, but knowing the rumor about Kadarians, they don’t even trust the Kadarian merchants. Which they’re are considered the most untrustworthy races in this whole entire world.

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