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Ok guys, two orders of business.

Firstly I want opinions on what I’m currently working on. It’s not even half-way done yet, I’ve only got one character done so far, I’ve still got to do Sweet Death (that’ll take a bit, because I’ve got to find a decent reference for the proportions in a similar pose to what I have in mind. There’s plenty of pose refs for normal pony body styles, but for Sweet Death I’m limited to 3 characters, so it takes longer). I just want your thoughts on the anatomy and the pose, does it look right? (I know I haven’t added nostrils or the inner ear yet, I’ll sort that out in a bit). Is the cutie mark too small? Do the front hooves and back legs look right?


Also, obviously considering what day it is (I have to watch the episodes a day late because I don’t get Discovery Family), anyone see the new episode? So GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!


Hang on, just had a thought. Anyone else got any a pony OC or an idea of one that I can have a go at. I’m having fun doing these and I want something else to work on after I’ve finished the current one.


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