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Princess Thaleia

Thaleia was the first daughter and second child born to the kings brother. After she had snuck off from her brother and father Thaleia eventually got to the room in the palace where the sceptre was she took it in the hopes it will stop  Zagreus/Alexiares  & once someone takes the sceptre no one else can use it until the last person has died and just when she thought everyone’s problems where solved  Zagreus/Alexiares  captured Thaleia and took her to a near by small village. Alexiares  soon figured out that he could not take the sceptre from her and decided to use his God powers to merge Thaleia with a evil goddess and use her to control the undead army…….

Thaleia fully merged with the goddess Erida

(Thaleia/Erida is the third person in history to hold the sceptre of Xenophon)

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