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Mad Jack

Heโ€™s cool. I see him as either a speedster or a teleporter who creates portals by building kinetic energy through movement like running. Basically, he can only teleport when he is in motion. Either way, heโ€™s an interesting character.

Thank you for a great idea! Now I know what his powers are:

Wayward can teleport himself up to 10 m (32,8 ft) far in any direction in such quick succession (four jumps per second) that it appears as if he has superspeed. Using his ability in forward direction, he can “run” at a speed of up to 144 km/h (~89 mph). That doesn’t seem much in comparison to real speedsters, but using his powers in the right way he can do a lot more than just run fast.

For example, if he teleports upwards into the air at steady intervals, he can simulate flight and by combining his telportation abilities with his extraordinary physical fighting skills, he can maneuver around opponents at high-speed, and attack from every angle.

very cool.

Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€