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Mad Jack

Man, this new forum software really sucks! Tried to post my responses with another new villain but the post won’t appear. -_-

Oh, whatever. Than just my respones for now:

That face….I can’t stop staring…..It’s like he’s got me scared stiff…..please don’t kill me! I’ll be sure to tell you how awesome he is………just after I’ve found out how to distract him…..HEY GREMLYN! LOOK OVER THERE! *runs away*

*speaks soft and soothing*
There, there, don’t be afraid of Gremlyn. He won’t harm you unless he’s paid for.
*shoves the hit contract inconspicuously in his backpocket*
Here, take this lollypop, it will distract calm you … 😉

Mad Jack, I realize I’m a bit late here, but thanks for all the work you did on the creators club poster. It looks great and the interactive bits are stellar.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. 🙂

That Gremlyn is really interesting as villian and looks great on art. His power seems powerfull, and i like it. Great job, MadJack

Thanky you very much!

I really like Gremlyn, dude! I’d also like to ditto what Rob said. The CC poster this year was amazing :D

And again: Thanks! 😀

Good to see you back!

I felt the same way with the heroes/villains ratio when looking at my Archive. I figure if you go by comic book rules, you should have at least 5 villains for every hero. I usually pick a hero and create major evil concepts for him/her to overcome.


5 to 1?! Oops, looks like some of my “heroes” have to switch sides soon to achive that ratio. whistle