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@JR – Not sure. I liked it okay, but there have been stronger openings in the past seasons. I suppose Twilight (and by extension, the rest of the Mane 6) having a mandate to explore the meaning of and spread the message of the magic of friendship throughout Equestria makes some sense, and hopefully gives some new areas for the show to go in. It just seems that, compared to previous season opener baddies like Nightmare Moon or Discord, or even Sombra (who I had panned as being sinister, but rather nebulous, and possibly ineffective in his plans), all of whom seemed to pose a significant threat to the safety of Equestria, or the Crystal Empire, or whatever, it seems that Starlight Glimmer’s plan of creating a society of conformity seemed to fall a little flat.

Having said however, I did actually find that on a more personal level, Starlight Glimmer’s methods of brainwashing and mind control to try to get everypony to buy into her “If nopony is special, then everypony is equal” vision to actually be terrifying, just in a sort of “fridge horror” way. Sure it seems funny watching the Mane 6 get locked up in a shack with a speaker playing pithy messages of conformity on a loop, but if you actually stop to think about what it would actually be like to be in that situation…well, that’s when I start to think “Oh, Sweet Celestia, that would be horrible!”

I dunno, I’m still thinking maybe a B for the opening episodes.