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British Bulldog

You all know the dog breed and the game.

I’ve had an idea for a dog looking character for a while now and finally he is here British Bulldog a tough street thug willing to start trouble with anyone.

Born and raised in Britain he was just a pup and a care loving pet of a scientist who had trouble with relationships, so the scientist wiped up a machine to turn objects into women. But something went wrong the pup walked into the cell where the women are meant to come out from and the scientist didn’t realise that his dog had walked into the machine after a abundance of lights and flashes outcome a large humanoid British bulldog.

The Bulldog fled for the streets chasing cars due to his brain still processing as a dog but over time grew to that of a human. He can talk fluent English. He may be loving but due to his size everyone is scared of him so he chose to take power of that ability. He now robes people of their items and part takes in street balls. Also that’s right DOG FIGHTS!!

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