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Doctor Lawrence Fortune is a world renowned biologist, geneticist and madman. Doc Fortune has conducted all manner of experiments on human test subjects in his endeavour to create new and better creatures. He seemingly lacks any kind of compassion for these subjects. To him they’re just things. The doctor has been responsible for creating both Mastodon and the teenage hero (and clone of Ricochet) Kinetic.

But his greatest creation (at least in his mind) is the massive Knuckledragger, named by Ricochet as an insult. This behemoth was created shortly before the accident that created Mastodon and was accidentally released into the world in the following explosion. Knuckledragger rampaged throughout the surrounding area and vanished, occasionally reappearing to cause chaos. Initially, Knuckledragger was mistaken for some kind of prehistoric monster. This was mostly due to the incompetence of the bumbling scientist brought in to try and identify the creature.

Doc Fortune spent several months trying to track his creation down, growing increasingly annoyed by the creatures ability to elude him. Eventually he managed to trick a group of young heroes (The Nowhere Kids) into defeating the monster. It was a fight they barely won but in the end the monster was toppled. The mad doctor was quickly there to implant a mysterious gemstone in the creatures head. He donned a helmet with a matching stone on his temple. This ingenious device allowed him to link his mind with Knuckledragger’s. The beast was little more than a mindless animal but had caused chaos at every turn with its massive strength. Now with the brilliant mind of Doc Fortune controlling the body of Knuckledragger, there may be no stopping either.

Knuckledragger & Doc Fortune

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