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Former member of Pax Terra and head of inter-dimensional threats, Cosmic Knight:

Cosmic Knight

Erulisse was once the greatest fairy of the realm of Sumina and protected all its lands. With the rise of the Northern Kingdom and the Golden Power, she left Sumina and travelled the old pathways to various realities looking for adventure. In her journeys, she came upon three items of immense power. Her sword, Destroyer of Worlds, was forged in a star, an element unknown on the periodic table. Her shield, Heart of Darkness, ripped from one of the greatest evils in the universe, provides her with great strength and invulnerability. Both are powered by absorbing light which is accomplished by wearing the Gauntlets of Orion. Along the way, she met and fell in love with another adventurer, Mister Fancy Pants, and started a family. Sady, she was killed in the Fae War by Black Swan. Before her death, she and MFP gave their baby son to another family to hide his identity. They had previously lost their daughter, Anna, in a portal jumping incident.

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