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I was feeling a bit spacey today. So… anybody remember my ragtag team of outer space adventurers, the Venturers? No? Ok, well here’s some more members:

Medical officer of the crew. From an alien species composed entirely of one sex, Zee is a specialist in xenobiology and is thus qualified to treat members of nearly all known species of the Inner Spiral. They join Abi’s crew for the chance to encounter new and exciting forms of life.

Hired as the ship’s navigator. She comes from an aquatic world, where life developed miles below the icy surface of a moon orbiting a gas giant. There being no light on her homeworld, members of Nav’s species do not have eyes. Instead they navigate the world using the sensory appendages extending from their heads and through the feelers attached to their forelimbs. Their sensory abilities more than make up for a lack of sight, able to divine fluctuations in background radiation, electrical activity, the tiniest vibrations, and even the chemical composition of the surrounding atmosphere. Her name cannot be pronounced by most species, thus the nickname: Nav

A Companion Class Intimacy-Capable Synth, he was wanted by the law and targeted for decommissioning for injuring his owner. He stowed away on Abi’s ship hoping to hitch a ride to a system with more comprehensive AI-rights laws. Despite turning off his breathing/circulatory systems, Nav could sense his neurological activity and he was discovered. The crew decided to let him stick around, earning his keep as chief maintenance officer.